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Plants and flowers

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Enamel pins with plants and flowers designs – bring nature to your clothes!

Check out the collection of pins with plant and flower motifs at Pinswear! Our pins are small works of art that bring the freshness of nature to your clothes, backpacks, bags and other items of clothing that you can pin into. Do you love nature, nature is close to you or do you simply adore flowers and plants? This category is for you! Here you will find designs inspired by flowers, garden plants and potted plants that will appeal to everyone! Pins from the “Plants and Flowers” collection are the perfect way to add freshness, floral colour and charm to your styling.

Floral motifs – flower power on your clothes

Our “Plants and Flowers” pin collection offers a variety of designs that draw on the beauty of the most popular field flowers and plants. All enamel pin badges are hand-painted, so that we not only reflect the beauty of their originals, but also ensure the highest quality of workmanship. Discover the delicate flowers, leaves and other floral motifs that make up the “Plants and Flowers” collection, which will remind you of the beauty of nature. The pins that make it up are ideal not only for garden lovers, but also for anyone who wants to add subtle charm and elegance to their outfit.

Take a look at our collection of metal pins and choose your favourite floral motifs!

Whether you’re interested in traditional, modest yet beautiful roses, exotic and fussy potted plants or simple but elegant floral-inspired designs, you’ll find something that’s sure to catch your eye in our collection! You can also gift your loved ones with pins from the “Plants and Flowers” collection. Simply take advantage of the option to pack your ordered designs into an elegant gift box when placing your order. Explore the rich world of pin designs with plants and flowers. Take a look at all the available designs that make up the “Plants and Flowers” collection and choose the ones that best reflect your love and adoration for nature. With our enamel pins, you can easily show this to the world!