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Free design support in the creation of unique projects

Share an idea with us or submit your own design, our team will do the rest!

Hand-painted casts straight from Poland

We produce using traditional casting techniques. All our castings are made in Łódź :)

Quick price quote and full support

We’ll respond quickly (maybe even today), and since we have the expertise, we’ll support you with experience!

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    asked questions

    How much does a custom keyring cost?

    Prices vary and depend on a number of factors such as: quantity, design, finish or complexity. Contact us with details and we will provide a pricing quote, on the next working day or even earlier.

    Do I need to have my own design?

    Not necessarily, just give us a description or concept of your keyring and we will prepare the design for you. For all customers who accept the quote, the design service is free of charge.

    What is the minimum order?

    The logistical minimum is 30 pieces, but we can also fulfil smaller orders.

    How long does it take to complete an order?

    We deliver the design in a maximum of 1-2 working days. The finished product is ready at least three weeks after design approval. Quantity and complexity may extend this period.

    What are the types of fastenings for keyrings?

    We have 2 types of fasteners on offer. Contact us and our sales department will show you all the options.

    Can I pack the keyrings in a personalised box?

    We can offer boxes in different sizes/colours and with a personalised logo printed on the lid. We will provide you with details upon quotation.

    Which keyrings do we offer?

    Enamel keyrings

    Hand-painted custom keyrings using permanent enamel

    Classic keyrings

    Casts without enamelling, classic and durable

    Types of fasteners

    We have two types of chain and keyring clasps on offer: the premium version is more massive, the ring is larger in diameter and the chain itself has thicker links and a larger link.

    Keyring accessories

    Personalised cards

    For all our productions, we can offer unique personalised cards to add to the charm of our your keyrings.

    The card can be any size and our graphics department designs it to fit perfectly on your key ring.

    We also handle confectioning – you get the key ring clipped into the card.

    Key rings in personalised boxes

    We can deliver all or part of your order packaged in elegant boxes with the option to include dedicated graphics such as your logo.

    All our boxes are FSC certified, which guarantees that the paper used comes from ecologically balanced cultivation.

    We also pack in eco boxes made from recycled paper.

    Looking for an idea to promote your business? Order hand-painted cusyom keyrings with your own design and stand out from the crowd! Our creative, idea-driven team is at your service!

    Tell us what you want your company keyrings to look like and we’ll take care of the rest – from preparing a free keyring visualisation to shipping the finished product.

    Handmade custom keyrings

    All our keyrings are made in Poland. We are from Łódź where all Pinswear products are made from scratch. We have our own production line so we can control our orders at every stage of production. To ensure quality, all keyrings are hand-painted by our experienced team.

    Bespoke keyrings – colourful keyrings for your business!

    Pinswear not only means hundreds of colourful pin and metal keyring designs that you can find in our shop. It is also the possibility to use our experience and realise projects with your own design.

    The passion with which we create our products can be seen in every design available on We are inspired by people, nature, smells, tastes and everything that surrounds us. Thanks to this, our metal keyrings are not just a simple gadget – they are a stylish accessory that helps you express yourself!

    Customised keyrings

    We like to share our passion and what we know how to do best, so in addition to the products you’ll find in the shop, you can also create bespoke key rings. All you need to do is contact us with your idea for metal keyrings and we will create a unique design based on it in our distinctive, full colour style. Whether it’s a promotional keyring or corporate keyrings, you can count on our full commitment at every stage of your order.

    Metal keyrings are all about extensive flexibility, so how you intend to use them is limited only by your imagination. As a keyring manufacturer, we have already carried out projects that our customers have given away as freebies with their products, given as gifts to customers or extended their offerings with them. Most often, however, these are advertising keyrings which, with their colours and top-quality workmanship, help companies to stand out from the crowd against their competitors.

    Manufacturer of advertising key rings – for big and small!

    We want everyone to be able to benefit from our offer, which is why we produce bespoke company keyrings from as few as 30 pieces. This puts our unique, hand-painted metal keyrings within the reach of both large and smaller companies and organisations, as well as individual customers. Everyone – regardless of the number of keyrings ordered – can count on our full support and total commitment to the project.

    As a manufacturer, we give you the opportunity to order key rings with your own design, which we will create from scratch. Just contact us with your idea and send us the supporting materials and our artists will take care of the rest! We can also produce keyrings based on the design you send us, which we will adapt to our production techniques.

    We can attach your promotional keyrings to a rigid cardboard box, the printing of which will complement the design. We can also place your finished corporate keyrings in an elegant box or matching case.

    Corporate key rings from Pinswear

    The experience we have gained as a keyring manufacturer allows us to offer the highest quality products distinguished by their unique, colourful design. All castings are made in Poland, thanks to which we are able to offer attractive prices and a fast turnaround time – even in 14 days from the moment all details are agreed. Contact us via the form available on the website or by sending a message to