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To the sea, to warm countries, to the mountains… travelling – who among us doesn’t like it? We always bring back a bunch of good memories and positive emotions that we want to share with our family and friends. However, it is not often that we can afford to take longer or even shorter trips – only the lucky ones get to travel almost all their lives. What we do have, however, are accessories that will always remind us of the journeys we have taken or depict the ones we are still planning to take. Travel pins are the perfect solution for those who enjoy discovering the world and want to share their passion.

Before you leave and after you return

There is always a good time to buy quality travel-themed enamel pins. Whether you’ve just returned from a trip, are just about to embark on one or maybe you’re in the planning stages, travel pins will be the perfect choice for you. There are many interesting models available with motifs of anchors, mountains or individual cities or modes of travel. Fans of flying can choose a pin badge illustrating an aeroplane, while for those who like to spend the night outdoors, a tent pin will work well. The accessory can be taken with you not only on holiday, but can also be attached to a blouse, jacket or cap while at home.

Tent pins as a gift for travel lovers

Everyone surely knows someone who is constantly on the move – physically or mentally. Returning from one trip, he or she is already planning the next one, and not long after that. When looking for the perfect gift for this person, it is worth choosing travel pins. They will also work perfectly for those fascinated by distant cruises, sailing or mountain climbing. This small accessory can be worn in many ways – it always helps to express your interests and passions. It is also worth giving as a gift without an occasion, for example with your next trip coming up.

Pins are an essential part of any trip

When we travel far away, we do not usually take expensive jewellery or other accessories with us. Nevertheless, it is worth equipping yourself with something that will make a beautiful decoration and at the same time add character to your outfits. In this case, a good solution is, of course, travel-themed enamel pin badges depicting elements characteristic of the place where you intend to spend the next few days.

Pin badges for members of travel clubs

Members of travel clubs should have their own identifying mark – for example, an accessory that they will wear to various meetings, conventions or rallies. Travel themed pins are perfect for this role, and can also be ordered in larger quantities from our shop, depending on your needs. These types of pins are especially dedicated to members of climbing or sailing clubs or associations working for the benefit of a particular city. The high quality of workmanship and the distinctive colours mean that they look good in any situation and are visible even from a distance. Don’t see a design for yourself? Then be sure to check out our range of custom pin badges.