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Meet our foundry

...and see how our enamel pins and keyrings are made

It all starts with the project

The production of all casts starts in our studio, where our team is constantly working on new designs and handling orders from our customers.

Pinswear’s design team is central to the company. This is where ideas are formed, which are then turned into graphic designs. Then, based on these, we prepare prototypes. When everything is ready, we pass the order on, where the production department starts working on the cast.

Hand craft

The casting process

In an industry where automated and industrial solutions are common, we rely on traditional casting methods.

Our production department uses traditional casting techniques that guarantee the unique character of each cast.

In addition, modern infrastructure and innovation allow us to maintain the traditional character of our products without overpricing them.

Enameling process

Hand painting and finishing

The manufacturing process of our pins and keyrings is completed by hand finishing and enamelling.

All of our products are hand-finished and enamelled in our finishing department. We first inspect each piece separately and then apply the enamel by hand. This is also the end of the production – after this stage the pins are ready to be put in the shop or are sent to the customer.