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Meet the Pinswear Box!

Your business + our enamel pins

Free box with every order How does the Pinswear Box work?  
  1. Pinswear box is profit for you. We send you a box with our pins and keyrings and you earn money from the sales.
  2. You can count on a 40% discount when we start working together! That’s as much as 400€ earnings with a first order of 100 pins.!
  3. Are you wondering if it’s a good investment? You have 2 months to return unsold copies – we give you your money back!
  4. Just write to, and we will advise you on which designs to choose, summarise the offer and deadlines – it costs nothing.

Frequently asked questions

How many enamel pins do I need to order to get a free box?
You only need to order 50 pieces or multiples of this number.
Are there any restrictions on the designs I want to order?
You are free to configure your order as you wish, as long as it does not exceed a set number of pieces. E.g. if you have chosen a box with 50 pieces, you can include 25 designs with 2 pieces each.
What is the cost of delivery and how long do I have to wait for shipping?
Delivery is free of charge. Boxes are dispatched in 1-3 working days.
We have several locations, do we get a free box for each?
Yes. Even with a minimum order of 50 pieces, we will include a free box with each location.
What are the payment terms?
For new customers, we charge 100% prepayment before shipping the order. We offer deferred payment to regular customers.
What are the best-selling designs?
It depends on your industry. When placing your order, we will advise you on the designs that best suit your business.
How do I place an order?
Please place your orders by email to When ordering, please specify the name of the design and the number of pieces.
What are the options for personalising the box?
Engravings are made on the lid of the box. A logo or company name can be engraved there.
What box sizes are available?
Small (L/W/H): 22cm x 16cm x 8cm, large (L/W/H): 30cm x 20cm x 13cm.
Does the size of the box affect the price?
No, for the small box you can order 100 pieces. In the same way that you can order 50 pieces for the large one.

What kind of box is this?

Box with your logo free of charge

Pinswear Box for business
  1. All boxes are personalised – we place your logo next to the Pinswear logo
  2. We have large and small boxes, choose your size depending on how much counter space you have
  3. Pinswear boxes come in two colours: wooden and black
Pinswear Box for business

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    Who are we?

    We are PINSWEAR

    We design and cast metal pins and key rings. We specialise in attractive designs and are renowned for our extensive catalogue and fresh ideas. We produce all our pins and keyrings in our manufactory in Łódź, we involve many artists in the creative process and we produce our castings using traditional and artisanal methods.

    Who do we work with?

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