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Enamel pins with a food motif can be used in a variety of ways – we like to wear them on a daily basis, but they can also serve as a motivator for children or as a hallmark of gastronomic establishments. The variety of pins available in our store means that everyone is able to find the perfect model for themselves, showcasing their culinary tastes.

For lovers of good food and drinks

Over the years, we have begun to see food not only as a way of providing ourselves with energy and nutrients. It has become a philosophy of its own, as it is known that celebrating meals positively affects our mood, relationships with others or even physical health. We know that what we eat affects our entire life. The same is true of beverages, which are no longer just a way to quench our thirst. Lovers of a healthy lifestyle, concerned about diet, will certainly like pints with fruit. Meanwhile, lovers of stimulating small black (both hot and cold versions) are dedicated to pins with coffee.

Food pins for food establishments

How to advertise novelties on the menu of a restaurant or fast food bar? Nowadays it is difficult to attract customer attention, so you need to focus on creative methods. How about simply posting a photo of a food pin on a social network, signaling to guests the changes in the menu? In such and other advertising campaigns you can use food pin badges – small, inconspicuous, and they convey more than words. In addition, they fit perfectly into the idea of popular minimalism, which dictates that the message should be shortened as much as possible. Increasingly, coffee pins are dutifully worn pinned to business shirts by cafeteria employees, while those working in health food bars choose fruit pins.

Food pins for children and as rewards

Parents and teachers are well aware of how difficult it is to persuade some children to try specific foods or ingredients. Thus, they look for various motivational ways, with food pinners proving to be a good solution. Due to their design, they are not dedicated to young children, but can be used with older children. They are an interesting prize in various competitions aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and proper eating habits. Due to their attractive price, they will certainly fit into the budgets that educational institutions allocate for gifts for winners and awardees.

High quality workmanship – durability for years

Food pins are characterized by solid workmanship, so they can serve us for a really long time. They also make a very representative award or symbol of a catering establishment. It is difficult to pass indifferently next to the vivid, strong colors and interesting graphics. The pin badges can be used in many ways, we also wear them according to our own preferences – attached to clothes, backpack or cap they always look perfect and help to stand out in the crowd. Haven’t found a design that suits your taste? Check out our range of custom pins.