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Simple, small in size and yet expressing more than words – this is the pin badge with symbols, with which we can easily express our passions, interests or even views. The shop also offers themed badges for specific seasons or events.

Symbols instead of words

Words are not always a good reflection of what we want to say to others. Sometimes we don’t even have the best opportunities to say them. This is when pin badges with symbols come to our rescue, allowing us to express ourselves, our views or our interests clearly and unambiguously. If you are passionate about the universe or space, choose a pin badge with an astronaut or planet design. If you’re a nautical fan, you’ll love the anchor and sailboat pin.

Event enamel pin badges

Some people wear pin badges at all times of the year, while others prefer to wear them for specific events. It is worth looking at the Halloween themed range, which includes motifs of skulls, witches or other elements of the world of magic. This type of pin will be the perfect addition to an orange and black costume. The shop also offers festive pinning, perfect for Christmas, as well as for the end-of-year staff meeting, Santa Claus or baking gingerbread with friends. Nutcracker, mistletoe or maybe a snow globe? These and other pins with Christmas symbols are sure to make an impression.

How do you wear pin badges with symbols?

The answer to how to wear or use symbol pins is very simple – it’s down to your own tastes and preferences. We can wear them in the classic way, pinning them to a shirt, t-shirt or jumper. Pins can be an interesting addition to a winter hat, scarf or any other item of clothing that you want to liven up and add character to. Pin badges can be attached to bags and backpacks, carrying on the tradition of years ago when this was the way to wear pins.

Symbol pin badges as decoration

The enamel pin with symbols can be used not only for everyday wear, but more and more often as a decoration. We like to pin it to a corkboard, a wardrobe with fabric elements or a photo frame. Pins can also be used to make DIY souvenir albums. Another interesting alternative is to use them as decorations for cards, for example Christmas or holiday cards. Fans of handicrafts will certainly find many ways to use pins with symbols in a non-obvious way.

Top quality at the best price

When you choose symbol pins from our online shop, you are purchasing top quality products that are characterised by durability and resistance to mechanical damage. As a result, they can serve for many years, maintaining their properties. The vivid colours make them visible even from a distance, attracting the attention of passers-by or other interested parties. If you haven’t found a design that suits your taste, be sure to check out our range of custom pin badges.