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Zodiac signs

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Collection “Zodiac signs” – enamel pin badges with zodiac signs.

If you are interested in astrology, horoscopes, or just want to wear pins representing your zodiac sign, this collection is for you! Elegant, hand-painted metal pins inspired by zodiac signs are a unobtrusive accessory that will allow you to easily transform your closet. Just choose your sign and stick it to your favorite sweater, scarves, cap, bag or backpack to change it beyond recognition. Our pins with zodiac signs are not only decorations, but also an expression of fascination and personal connection with cosmic forces.

Hand-painted pins with zodiac signs

The collection of pins “Zodiac Signs”, is a full set of 12 zodiac signs – from Aquarius to Pisces. All designs were designed by our artists and made from scratch in the Polish Pinswear manufactory. Each pin depicts one of the zodiac signs, to which we have given a unique Pinswear character. Whether you believe in horoscopes and zodiac signs or it’s just a fun curiosity for you, with pins from the “Zodiac Signs” collection you will change your closet! Choose a pin with your zodiac sign and stick it wherever you want!

Choose your sign or make a unique gift for your loved ones!

Pins from the “Zodiac Signs” collection are an unusual addition to your clothes, with which you will spice up your style. It is also a unique gift that you can give to your loved ones. Choose enamel pins with corresponding zodiac signs and surprise your loved ones with an unusual gift. To make things easier for you, when placing an order you can choose an elegant gift box, into which we will pack your chosen pins, or leave them in the standard version, in which all pins are pinned to a matching cardboard box, with which they form a coherent set. Check out the “Zodiac Signs” collection and find your sign among the designs! Also check out the other collections and categories in the Pinswear store, where you will find hundreds of other designs inspired by pop culture, fashion or nature.