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The “Love” collection – express your feelings in a special way!

Pinswear – this is where love becomes real art! The “Love” collection is our love-themed pins perfect for anyone who wants to emphasise their feelings and emotions in a unique way. All the enamel pins in this unique collection have one common denominator – love. Celebrate it in a unique way by sending a discreet but clear signal to the world about your feelings – no matter to whom you feel them! The “Love” collection is a collection of pins not only for those in love. These are designs for those for whom love – for themselves, for others, for the world – is the feeling that dominates their lives!

Love in different guises – choose the design that suits you!

Our collection of love-inspired pin badges offers a variety of designs that reflect different aspects of this beautiful feeling. You’ll find classic, romantic heart-shaped pin designs as well as more upbeat enamel pins with a rock’n’roll feel. With the pins collected in this category, you will also show that love does not exclude. The “Love” collection gives you a selection of pins that you can easily match to the feelings you have and, with them, present them to the whole world! Choose single pieces, or create love sets for yourself or your loved ones!

Enamel pin badges as a token of love – show who and how you love!

The Pinswear love collection is a collection of the highest quality hand-painted metal pins with which to show who and how you love. The wide selection will allow you to find the right design to emphasise your feelings, no matter towards whom you have them. You can also show your love with your chosen pins by giving them to your loved ones as a gift or souvenir – if you wish, we can pack them in elegant packaging. Put together a set for yourself or a loved one and express your feelings in an original way – our pin badges are here to help you do just that! Check out the “Love” collection and the other pin designs you will find in our shop.