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Manifestos – show the world what is important to you!

“Manifestos” is a unique collection of hand-painted pin badges with great meaning! If you want to express your views and beliefs in an original way, then this category of Pinswear pins is for you. Our worldview-themed pins are not only a great addition to your clothes, but also a way to manifest your values and beliefs that are important to you. Each enamel pin is carefully crafted and the designs have been created for those who want to freely express themselves and emphasise what they believe in by pinning it to their clothes!

Check out our manifesto pin badge collection to help you showcase your views.

Our enamel pins are carefully crafted, featuring a wide selection of motifs inspired by relevant issues of the day. Whether you care about fairness, social activism, or other values that are important to you, you’ll find pins in our collection that allow you to express your beliefs in a subtle but powerful way. A beautifully crafted badge in our ‘Manifestos’ range is a piece of art you can wear with pride, symbolizing the things you cherish.

Hand-painted manifesto enamel pins for you and those close to you!

We make sure our products are top-notch. That’s why we hand-paint all “Manifestos” pins to take care of every detail. The “Manifestos” collection pin badges allow you to express your values and beliefs. They make great birthday or surprise gifts for those with similar values. Some styles come with an elegant gift box. Explore our complete collection of slogan pins on our website and let your personality shine. Choose your favourites and express yourself today!