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Famous people

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Welcome to the Pinswear hall of fame!

If you wish to wear symbols of your favourite historical, scientific, cultural or entertainment figures on your clothes, bag or backpack, you have come to the right place! The ‘Famous people’ pin badge collection is hand-painted and inspired by renowned personalities from the realms of science, music, art and pop culture. It’s easy to identify the famous person depicted on the enamel pin design you have attached! Choose pins that inspire you and showcase your role models!

Hand-painted enamel pin badges dedicated to true legends

Our wide range of enamel pins allows you to express your admiration for these remarkable people. Every pin is crafted with great care and features designs that capture the essence of their famous inspirations. Hand-painting enables us to pay attention to every detail of the pins and give them a personal touch. Our gallery features well-known pop culture figures’ passions, accomplishments, and impact transformed into small yet meaningful works of art.

Celebrities for you and your loved ones!

The ‘Fame’ series presents hand-painted pins with celebrity pictures. All of our pins are attached to a thick cardboard box that matches the design. If you want to give someone an enamel pin as a gift, you can choose to have it packaged in a fancy gift box when you order. Visit the Pinswear “Hall of Fame” and browse through a wide variety of pin badges to pick out ones for yourself or to give to someone you know. You can choose from a selection of unique symbols that represent your interests and hero-worships. Choose individual badges or complete sets from our celebrity collection or other designs available in the Pinswear store.